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House Democrats abandon Obama, embrace Republican policies on GITMO, civil trials

House Democrats Livid. Obama seen to be losing support base.

President Obama’s tax compromise have left House Democratic leaders livid and are now indicating they will abandon the administration and go their own way on critical issues of national security.

In a move viewed by some House Democrats as an act of defiance and a direct demonstration of just how furious the caucus is with Obama’s decision to work with Republicans to extend the Bush-era tax cuts, the Appropriations Committee attached a provision to a $1.1 trillion resolution to keep the government funded next year to prevent Obama from spending any funds to try terrorism suspects in civilian court instead of military commissions.

In addition, the bill was crafted with language to prevent the closing of the detainee prison at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba.

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), a member of the defense appropriations subcommittee demonstrated his anger Continue reading

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