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The Obama Factor

A failure in 1979, Carter thinks he's relavent again

A failure in 1979, Carter thinks he's relevant again. Only one problem, he wasn't relevant then.

Former President Jimmy Carter accused “the overwhelming portion” of Obama opponents of being common bigots.  As a conservative concerned over massive deficits, irresponsible eco-legislation, threats to capitalism, and losing my nice private health insurance policy, I was deeply offended.  My knee-jerk reaction was to become very angry.  After all, this is coming from the worst President in American history*.  Let’s face it no other Administration was able to achieve 7% unemployment concurrent with 13.5% inflation. The relationship is supposed to be inverse. It was like being lectured by Hannibal Lecter about table manners.

I decided not to rush out a reactionary blog essay.  I wanted to wait for President Obama, his cronies in the administration and those in the press to react.  Plus I was very busy in my job.  In this economy it’s best not to let anything – especially a political blog – distract you from work.  Obama reacted appropriately and for that I commend him.  I only wish he would have politely asked the old man to slip quietly off into the sunset.  It’s well overdue.

Having had time to digest the nation’s reaction, I calmed down a bit.  The nation is not overwhelmingly racist.  It was when Jimmy Carter was raised under Jim Crow laws and even when he fumbled through his Presidency, crashing helicopters into the desert and singing “Kumbaya” while holding hands with Sadat and Begin around a Camp David campfire.  But in 2008 the nation turned a corner.  By a margin of 53% to 46% American voters as a whole voted the first biracial President into office.  The black vote alone could not have done this.  Barack Obama won the white vote as well.

Racism on life-support

Does this mean the era of racism is over?  I wish.  Ronald Reagan once said, “fact are stubborn things.”  Racism is waning but its slide into the waste can of history is being jeopardized.  There seems to be an effort to preserve racism in America.  Not just from the skin-heads and rednecks but from unexpected places.  Such as Democrats who want to keep the African-American vote strongly in the “D” column and a press corp who scores viewers whenever race is the story.  Watch them, the press is dying to play race stories.  Race-based news is rushed to headline status whenever it is found.  This is certainly why Carter took the headlines.

The most despicable racists, though, are those who infiltrate the ranks of the Republican party.  They are drawn to Republicans because the Democrats have convinced them that this is their party.  We see their impact in the “birther” movement.  This side show was born from racism, has drawn in conservative conspiracy nuts, and generally been an embarrassment to the party.

Tragically, Obama himself may keep the fires of racism alive.  Had he grown up in a functional family with both his father and mother, perhaps he wouldn’t have grown up confused about his race.  Maybe he would not have been drawn to radical racists like the Rev. Wright.  Maybe he would not have “ceased to advertise” his mother’s race.  It’s even possible he would not have advertised himself in Antebellum terms as a “black” man but rather see himself as a bridge between the races.  He could have been a uniter rather than a divider on this issue.  But he chose to be exclusively African-American and alienated from his white family.  Perhaps not completely but on some level.

An ideologue not an idiot

Obama has rushed head-long and full-speed into social experimentation on a national scale.  His dogma exceeds his common sense.  He and his “evil henchmen” Pelosi and Reid, are working to destroy the engine of American capitalism.  No, not by buying and nationalizing businesses and industries, but through the dogmatic, idealistic, and irresponsible legislation, we call “Cap and Trade.”   This is dangerous and when everyone realizes their cost of living has increased by several thousand dollars per year they might wake up.

Next we have the Obama world apology tours.  He demonstrates to Americans what appears to be ignorance and naivete about foreign policy.  Obama, and by extension, America looks weak and capitulating, both here and abroad.  Racist interpret this as stupidity, congenital because he is “black.”  He is reinforcing their stereotype.  They cannot accept that maybe he is pursuing these policies and taking these actions, not because he lacks understanding, but because he is pursuing his ideological goals – even if those goals might ultimately be harmful to the nation he is charged with protecting.  Missile defense?  Why do we need to protect Europe?  Besides if we just apologize and treat Iran, Russia, North Korea, ect. ect. nicely and show them we mean them no harm, they’ll respond in kind.  Right?  In his mind, perhaps he’s providing the “kinder, gentler America” Bush promised.  Just my theory.

I firmly believe President Obama is an intelligent man, who lacks experience, but is brimming with ideological furor.  I believe he sees America as just another nation among many.  He does not ascribe to the belief that America is special or has any particular global superiority.  He is convinced he is leading America in a post-American world.  One in which America plays a reduced role and is less relevant.  He believes in global warming and has completely swallowed the Gore lie that the world is in eminent danger.  This drives him to take a “damn the consequences” approached on Cap & Trade.  He is completely devoid of trust in capitalism to solve its own problems or to provide for the needs of the masses.  He views government as the only sure trustworthy solution to issues that involve money.  Why shouldn’t he?  Government creates the money and has unlimited power over money.

Civility is dead

Now many will disagree with me and I welcome varied and considered opinions.  Yesterday I might have written a whole different essay on this topic but something happened today.  I clicked on a poll while reading the Washington Post. The poll dealt with Obama’s missile lack-of-defense policy in eastern Europe.  There was nothing special about the poll, however accompanying the poll were comments.  One of the first comments I read referred to the President as a “chimp,” further down one called him a “little black boy.”  My blood ran cold as I read comment after comment from morons who spewed racially tinged hate toward the President.

Let's not imitate the idiots that made this

I disagree with the President on nearly everything but such disrespect and overt racism was deeply offensive to me.  It reminded me of Michael Moore and the idiots and how they insulted G.W. Bush.  USAToday ran a story entitled, What Happened To Civility? Civility died long ago.  Perhaps it began to die when we shamed parents for spanking their children.  Perhaps it began to die when Clinton disrespected the Oval Office with an intern.  I do not know, but I know it was officially dead when liberals showed no shame in calling the President of the United States an idiot.  I wonder if George Bush had been an African-American would they have hurled the “n-word” at him?  I would bet they would have been no different from the scum bags commenting on the Post’s poll yesterday.

*(Second worst, as a history buff I can’t dismiss Buchanan who really was the worst.)

Hatin’ on Bush is Cool

G.W. Bush, 43rd Best President Ever!

G.W. Bush, 43rd Best President Ever!

Well, I think it is official now.  Everybody hates Bush.  I know I have been deeply disappointed in Bush and downright irritated in recent months but I never thought Christian Conservative Pat Robertson would ever choose Obama over W.  I sit here, head spinning, trying to make sense of the world.  Could this be a sign of the apocalypse?  The world has gone topsy-turvy.  I would not believe it had I not read it for myself.  I’ll even prove it, CNN headline “Pat Robertson criticizes Bush, praises Obama“.  Hold on, I need to breathe.

So what happened?  I suppose liberals would tell me its proof that W’s an idiot.  Perhaps, but I propose two reasons for Bush’s current abysmal reputation.  First, I think it’s exactly what Robertson told CNN, Bush has handled the economy horribly.  From a conservative point of view, he has acted in a very liberal way, nationalizing the two largest lending institutions in the nation and basically throwing money at a wide variety of industries in trouble.  Many of us feel this money is being distributed without accountability.  If these banks loaned money recklessly before, why should we trust they will act differently now?  Many conservatives feel if a business cannot compete it deserves to die and Bush has made his position on this clear and it is not in-line with most conservative thinkers.

Second, Democrats have been hating on Bush since the nearly tied election in 2000.  Nothing Bush could have done would have won their approval.  I have stated before in this blog, I truly believe Democrats have been determined to pay Republicans back for eight long years of Clinton investigations.  From Travelgate to Whitewater to Paula Jones, Republicans had been obsessed with the notion that President Clinton was corrupt and the evidence just needed to be found.  Rather than quietly gather evidence and then pick a fight, Republicans made big press trying to discredit and undermind the President.  After 2000 Democrats with fresh wounds and a Republican President saw a prime target for revenge.  So we have endured eight long years of accusations, spinning, and downright sabotage.

Bush has been in a classic “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” scenario since election day 2000.  Of all the Presidents to hold office Bush was perhaps the most ideal foil for Democrat opponents.  He is a man who sounds impaired even when he knows what he is talking about.  His cowboy swagger and stilted cadence just don’t seem presidential to me and to those who love to hate him, these traits seem to be marks of stupidity.

President George W. Bush leaves office as perhaps the least loved and most hated president ever.  But how will history finally rate him?  Sure most Bush-haters think he’ll bottom out the list but those of us who know history, (and that number seems to be shrinking all the time), can recall Buchanan and Carter and expect Bush will fare somewhat better.  Mathis and Boychuk of Scripps News wrote an interesting piece on this topic.  Boychuk correctly notes that history will recall Bush protected us from terrorism and did not retreat from bold actions to protect America.  Mathis tends to be a classic hater and while he admits history will be kinder to Bush, he cannot see much beyond his partisan rhetoric.

While just about everyone has something to hate about W it will be interesting to see how history reframes him in twenty years or so – after the hatin’ has ended.  In the meantime, we have this to look forward to:

The Coming Messiah

The Coming Messiah

An Iraqi Idiot

Shoe thrower

Shoe thrower, Muntadhar al-Zaidi

I certainly hope the “reporter” who threw his shoes at outgoing-President Bush got some of that anger off his chest.  Somehow I doubt it.  There is an endless stream of anger in the Muslim world.  This is just a circus side-show that stirs the pot a bit and will only justify more violence.

Jack Cafferty of CNN, asks the question, “What does it say about our image when a foreign reporter throws his shoes at President Bush?”  My answer is simple, “How does this reporter represent the entire world?”  We’re talking about one angry individual that, as we can see now, represents a small segment of the population in a very angry corner of the world.  (Note that the CNN story says “hundreds” not thousands.)  al-Zaidi hardly represents the world Jack.

I think we can all agree President Bush has been far from popular at home or abroad.  Does this mean the entire world feels the same rage and hatred we saw illustrated in al-Zaidi?  I don’t think so.  If anything the shoe-throwing incident just shows al-Zaidi is an idiot.  President Bush may have described it accurately when he said, “It’s one way to gain attention. It’s like going to a political rally and having people yell at you. It’s like driving down the street and having people not gesturing with all five fingers.”  One thing is certain, al-Zaidi is in his 15 minutes of fame and it will be his last.  His career is likely finished if the Iraqi police don’t finish him.  All I can say is, I hope you enjoyed it jerk.

al-Zaidi’s anger is not unusual in that part of the globe and I suspect the Iraq War is not the only thing that has poor ol’ al-Zaidi mad.  There is anger and hostility in all over the Arab world and it dates back beyond the Iraq War and even the life of the Prophet Mohammad.  Will this hostility end after the June 30th withdraw of combat troops or maybe with the 2011 complete withdraw of U.S. troops in Iraq?  The answer is not what anyone wants to believe; it is unlikely to end until the last infidel breathes his final breath.  I’ve read the Koran and I think I understand their ultimate aim and frustration.

As for the “hundreds” of student protestors and other morons hailing this guy as a “hero” I can only say, you are fortunate it was the U.S. who invaded and not Iran.  We tolerate these demostrations and grant the right to a personal opinion however wrong we might think it is.  If Iran were in control these hundreds would fill a small trench in the countryside somewhere.

Islamic anger here may have many reasons but this anger goes far deeper than G.W. Bush.  I hope Obama isn’t expecting to be greeted in the same “messiah-like” manner he was in France and Germany.  We shall see if fools rush in.

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