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What’s truth got to do with it

CBS' Bob Schieffer suggests clamping down on Freedom of Speech in an effort to control violenceTwo of my biggest pet-peeves have always been the hypocrisy of the Left and the fact that historically, governments are loath to yield power.  The two become linked when the Left runs the government and terror comes from frustrated crazies.  The government seems to use every excuse to exploit public fear and encourage public demand for ever greater government “protections” which are really just more restrictions on freedom.  All-the-while they pin as much blame as possible on their political enemies.

If you’re old enough to have travelled in the 1980s and even the 90s you can recall the thrill and exhilaration of travel.  If not, then you may not realize travelling hasn’t always been drudgery, fraught with inconvenience, and invasions of privacy.  But hey, you’re safer.  Yeah, it’s sooo worth it!

Yesterday, Bob Schieffer, of CBS News, scared the crap out of me.  Continue reading


Can I recycle the last thirty years of my life?

Introducing Reedkeys of A Conservative Estimate.
Emails are like Zombies - just when you think they're dead, they come back and eat your brain.

Previously on my blog, I detailed the apparent fraud which has been exposed by the release of some material from the East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit in Britain.  (You can read that one here.) For some of you, this may come as startling news, since virtually none of the old guard media have made much of this story.  I guess you can file this in the same file with Van Jones and ACORN.  But if the global warming hoax is officially over, it’s time to take count of all the changes we’ve made and how that might affect the rest of our lives.

I was more than a little chagrined when I started to realize all the things we have done in the name of protecting the environment over the last thirty years.  Continue reading

What If A Tea Party Fell On Washington

NPR discusses the widely varying crowd estimates

What if a tea party fell on Washington DC and the press didn’t reported it?  Would it have happened?  Well it seems the mainstream media is betting their lack of detailed coverage will erase the fact that it happened.  If they even report the protest they downgrade the crowd size to a few thousand – I read as few as 60,000 and never saw more than 75,000 reported.  Conservative bloggers, conversely, like to boost the number to as high as 2 million.  Reality is never partisan, so the actual number is somewhere in the middle.  But the middle, in this case, is a very wide chasm.  Wizbang, a conservative blog not known for being “crazy,” estimated the crowd, “at between 500,000 and one million” people.

The WSJ under-reported the size of the protest.

A Google News search this morning found hardly an American press outlet acknowledging this weekend’s huge protest in Washington DC.  The Wall Street Journal reported the crowd to be only “tens of thousands” and included a tightly cropped image leaving readers to conclude it was a relatively small protest composed of crazies.  Perhaps the same crazies that keep showing up at the town hall meetings.  Similarly, the Washington Post under-reported the crowds but they carried more stories related to the protest than any other news outlet.  (I guess I’ll give a limp hand clap to them for that.) NPR waited a day to report the protests, while downplaying the size and significance.  Others kept their stories brief.

By this afternoon, the press were finally covering the story.  Perhaps they had to coordinate a counter-attack with David Axelrod.  Or more likely they did not become interested until discovered something to wet their anti-conservative appetites.  Apparently, some conservative bloggers were displaying an aerial photo of the 1997 Promise Keepers Rally and attributing it to Saturday’s march.  Perhaps by mistake, perhaps to deceive, I don’t know.  Either way it provided the Conservative-hating Huffington Post fodder to discredit the entire protest, while ignoring the very impressive real photos posted on Michelle Malkin. (If you have not seen this blog I encourage you to visit the site.)

Apparently this crowd is smaller than it appears.  Go figure.

The moral of this story might be that if you want coverage of a story the press refuses to cover, just tell a big lie.  It’ll get the left-wing bloggers all stirred up and attract plenty of main-stream media attention.  Presto!  Problem solved.  I hope that wasn’t what happened because lies discredit us.  Those of us who blog do so because we want our opinions heard.  If we frame our opinions in lies we are no different than the Left.  It is the Left that chants the Stalin quote, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Don’t believe me?   Read’s dissection of last Wednesday’s health care speech, perhaps the President should apologize to Joe Wilson, but I digress.

The fact is that while the press was largely quiet about Saturday’s huge march on Washington that does not mean it didn’t happen.  And just because “Joe Liberal” in Seattle thinks a few thousand people, who don’t represent him, marched on Washington, doesn’t mean David Axelrod believes it.  Sure Axelrod said, “I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood,” but you can bet the march impressed him that the country is not happy.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the press reported the tea party in DC, what really matters is that those stubborn Congressional asses, their blue dog pets, and the red-looking Administration saw the crowds, read the signs, and heard the angry voices.
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Idiot of the week award goes to MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer for being a complete liar.  Watch this clip:

Click the picture to read Wongs take

Click the picture to read Wong's take

Notice Contessa says, “Here you have a man of color in the Presidency and white people showing up with guns strapped to their waists.”  Now hold on a minute, Contessa.  You have made a damning charge and implied racism is the root cause for the Arizona townhall protesters attending the meeting armed.  However, the image you showed us hid the race of the gun-toting protester.  Take a good look at the armed protester in the photo to the right here.

From AZ Central’s Scott Wong comes a close look at the man shown in the MSNBC smear story.  Hmm, he doesn’t look anything like a “white” person.  Maybe long exposure to the Arizona sun has given him an especially dark tan.  Perhaps another angle will help settle this mystery.

This gun-toting radical seems pretty calm to me.

Nope.  The well dressed and respectable looking gentleman is still black.  Well, maybe he is some whacked out, gun-toting, right-wing, president-hating, self-loathing, racist-lovin’, terrorist.

Well maybe?

Why Is Anyone Listening to Levi Johnston?


Bristol Palin made the mistake of her mother’s life when she decided to sleep with dirtbag Levi Johnston.  After months of digging for dirt and trying to destroy Sarah Palin, liberals finally tapped into a source.  Now they must make him appear credible.

Levi Johnson’s only real claim to fame was impregnating Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol.  That is his sole asset as he launches his life and tries to find a career.  The 19 year old former high school hockey-jock has stars in his eyes and is trying to “go Hollywood”.  Hollywood loves a bad boy and one who is already known by the public is even better.  So young Levi decides to get noticed.  What better way to get his face in front of the camera than to start talking smack about his one-time would-be mother-in-law.

Let’s face it, Johnston is a jilted boyfriend from a backwoods state, who dreams of breaking out and making a name for himself.  I imagine him sitting in his Alaskan apartment in the glow of the midnight sun sulking about his condition.  Certainly he is quite aware that every liberal in America wants Sarah Palin’s head on a pike, when suddenly he realizes that this very fact could be his ticket out of his one-horse town.  So he makes a contact or two and the next thing ya know his mug is showing up on CNN, MSNBC, the Today show, ect. spouting his “inside information” on Sarah Palin.

BUT, this guy is simply not credible.  However, this is not a concern for the press, they treat him like an expert on the Palin family.  Every 19 year old boy who’s been dumped wants to strike back at his girlfriend.  The big difference here is that Bristol’s Mom happens to be a high profile target.  So he goes for it.  Revenge must feel so sweet.  Now he’s living his 15-minutes of fame with unmasked excitement.

It disgusts me that this kid gets any attention.  But why am I shocked?  Eighteen trumped up ethics charges didn’t work.  Palin’s sudden jump from the governorship has liberals worried; where might she turn up next.  They have to make certain they score a devastating blow before she can do them any harm.  Levi is the perfect patsy, why not exploit him.

Inauguration of the king

I must begin by apologizing for such a late reaction to the inauguration.  In my defense I was quite busy on my job, but I also confess I wanted to wait and digest my reaction.  After-all, this was perhaps the most historic inauguration I will ever witness.  Initially, I watched the proceedings with a bit of melancholy, lacking the blind faith most Americans are placing in Obama.  The entire affair seemed far more grandiose  than previous inaugurations I have watched.  As I processed the day, I recalled that Greek stage where nominee Obama made his acceptance speech.  Obama’s commanding personality and his apparent love for the dramatic were aptly expressed on Tuesday.

It seems I am the ONLY American who was mouthing “WTF!” during Aretha Franklin’s unintelligible rendition of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee“.  Throughout the song I was embarrassed for the woman.  At points I was wondering if she was slurring the words so no one would know that, like Chief Justice Roberts, she had forgotten the lyrics or if she had been drinking prior to her performance.  Later that day, I heard Ms. Franklin tell CNN’s Larry King that she felt her singing was adversely affected by the cold weather.  Hmm, I think she might be right.  Being so cold, she probably warmed up with a little nip or three.  I did not notice her shivering but I certainly heard her slurring.

Aretha Franklin at President Obamas Inauguration

Aretha Franklin at President Obama's Inauguration

I decided to Google her performance just to see how mean people were being.  (You know, the Internet is full of mean people.) Much to my surprise, I could not find a single blog or news source that offered even a mild critique of her performance.  (I guess I’m the only mean blogger out here.) Why?  I wondered.  There can be only one reason; anyone positively associated with this event and in good standing with the Democrats is beyond reproach.  Maybe even closer to the truth is that the press and the nation was euphoric through the day on Tuesday.  Everything seemed brighter and everything appeared more beautiful.  I saw article after article praising her.  Those brave souls who dared to comment on her flamboyant hat saw a snowstorm of national publications defending and complementing the hat.   Having grown up in the South and in church, I am familiar with the sweet old ladies and their hats.  So what?  Well by concentrating on the hat rather than the bad singing, the issue is trite and trivial, as well as a matter of taste; a critique her performance would be a critique of the inauguration.  The excitement and euphoria of the event disallow that, after-all, when the President was sworn in “the sky was bright, the crowd was jubilant, and even the birds were singing.” Seriously, if you have an opinion on this performance I want to hear it.  Personally, I’ve never heard this patriotic hymn sung more poorly.

I expected perfection in every minute detail.  When Obama jumped the gun at the start of the oath I was somewhat surprised  and when Chief Justice Roberts jumbled the oath a moment later I simply chuckled.  It demonstrated that no matter how high the office achieved, everyone is human.  It was no surprise, however, that the press chose to focus on Justice Roberts’ stumble and ignore the apparent “off-sides” of President Obama.  The honeymoon is going to include more than just an Obama love-fest, it’s going to be accompanied by continued attacks against Bush and everyone ever associated with him.  Since there was so much commentary on this, I’m glad Obama and Roberts chose to re-administer the oath on Wednesday.  As ridiculous as it was, we are spared more idiotic conspiracy theories.

I read blogs and commentary declaring President Obama’s inauguration speech one of the best ever given,  I disagree.  Although I found little wrong with the speech, it was filled with expected rhetoric and it tied into the campaign theme of hope, I heard nothing that might stand out as quotable in history books.  It lacked powerful lines such as Roosevelt’s “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”  The biggest surprise came with his direct comments to the Muslim world, otherwise, I feel it won’t be remembered.  Although history may surprise.  How events transpire in the coming years could change its significance.

Throughout the day on Tuesday I found myself becoming annoyed by the crowds and their enthusiasm.  At one point, I overheard a lady comment that she didn’t get it.  She said she was offended by the undignified enthusiasm of the crowds as they chanted “Obama! Obama! Obama!” and screamed like little girls at a Jonas Brothers concert.  That prompted me to think critically.  Was it wrong for the crowds to be so excited and express it so verbally?  Was I right to be annoyed by the excited crowd?  To both questions the answer was clearly, no. In fact, these people had every right and it was completely natural for them to feel and act as they did.  Not only had their candidate won, (something they would not have achieved, without the failure of President Bush,) but he promises the nebulous gift of “hope“, and he had made history through the simple fact that he is not Caucasian.  So unlike that woman, I get it.  But you would not find me among those screaming in the crowd.

He’s just a load

Obama and Blagojevich

Looks like the Blago story has deeper implications than I initially believed. No time to delve in much deeper, but the mere fact that newspapers have removed all stories about Obama meeting with Blagojevich after Obama insisted he had not spoken to the governor reinforces the idea of a cover up. The press is embedded deeper into Obama’s hindquarters than I could have imagined. Unfortunately, while I think there is something of real meat in this story, I also believe the Democrats and their allies in the media will keep the focus on Blago.

In the meantime let’s enjoy a bit of humor at the Governor’s expense. I found this song entitled He’s Just A Load, by Steve Bryant, this morning I felt it needs to be heard.  It is a parody of King of the Hill and is quite funny.  It lightened my day!

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