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So much time, so little honesty

So much to say

I have a few different points to make in this essay. I’d love you to read them all but I’ll list them here and you can decide. If you’re left-leaning I encourage you to at least scroll to the “The spending issue.”

  1. History shows a lot can change in 15 months – don’t count Obama out yet.
  2. Facts are stubborn things.
  3. The best defense is a good offense.
  4. The spending issue or why my boss and banker are terrorists.

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Obama wants high gas prices


That’s right you read it right.  Following hurricane Katrina gasoline prices shot up to $5 a gallon here in Atlanta and near $4 around the country.  Left-wing nutjobs and Democrats of all flavors screamed accusations that GW Bush was in bed with “big oil.”

I heard my left-leaning friends complaining that Bush wanted the high prices to force more off-shore drilling here and thus line the greedy pockets of his Texas oil-friends.  Who didn’t believe the invasion of Iraq was all about seizing the oil?


When Bush was president it was all a conspiracy.  Later when Americans were demanding more domestic drilling, Nancy “Dingbat” Pelosi shut the lights off in the House of Representatives so Republicans could not debate solutions to the problem of high gasoline prices.

Today gasoline prices are back to Katrina levels and it is the Democrats running things.  Where are the conspiracy nuts?  Where are the accusations?  Strangely silent.  Google Bush and Oil and see the venom that pops up, do the same for Obama and virtually nothing returns.  Obama claims he has nothing to do with the high prices, it’s a big oil conspiracy or perhaps speculators.  Anyone but him.  (I know that’s his MO.)

Somehow, though, his predecessor was at fault in 2005 but today the Presidency has no influence on oil prices. To that I say BS. Continue reading

The Debt Bomb

Aug. 2008, Obama accepts his party's nomination

When Barack Obama gave his 2008 Democratic nomination acceptance speech surrounded in a Greek Temple motif, no one could have seen the prophetic imagery these props provided, America imitating Greece.

Even as Obama was playing Adonis before a swooning American electorate and tingly media pundits, the government and the people of Greece were in final preparation for economic implosion.

Climbing Mount Olympus (Background info)

Greece was borrowing money faster than it could repay.  It had socialized everything.  It’s unions dominated its government and its industry pushing the cost of labor to ridiculous.  Greek fiscal trickery that maintained low-interest rates was becoming increasingly difficult to preserve.  Greeks had become entitled and their government was about to discover the true meaning of the word unsustainable.

Back in America, no sooner did Barack Obama take the oath of office, than he put the financial accelerator of the US Treasury to the floor.   Continue reading

San Francisco, Please Take Notice


Say goodnight Gracie.


Very shortly every member of the House of Representatives will be up for re-election.  All of them, including Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  While scores of Democrats are engaged in the fight of their political lives, Speaker Pelosi, rests comfortable in a district apparently brain-dead.  She was elected in 2006 with 80% of the vote, and again in 2008 with 72%. Current poll numbers in her district have her holding on to 60% of the vote. Even in the most solidly Democrat district in the nation Pelosi is showing erosion.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing.  Good in that more and more people in San Francisco are realizing what an idiot they keep sending back to Congress, but a bad thing in that still 60% of them think she’s good for America.  Nationally, the Speaker is generally regarded in a negative light.  According to the New York Times, only 15% of voting Americans hold a positive view of her while 44% view her negatively.  San Franciscans, generally feeling superior to the rest of America, probably could not care less about such polls.

Dems on the run

Such is not the case for other Democrats. Continue reading

CNN backs Dems claim

CNN covers Obama’s campaign

Regardless of which side of the health care debate you may find yourself on, you should be very concerned about how any health care bill is passed.  Democrats claim that their proposed use of “reconciliation” to force their health care bill into law is nothing extraordinary, but rather a standard parliamentary move used repeatedly in the past and even used by Republicans. In the noon hour today, CNN’s Tony Harris repeated the Democrat claim, listing historical examples in-which “reconciliation” has been used.

The problem for me is that the procedure is not called “reconciliation,” rather it’s called, BUDGETARY RECONCILIATION”. The not-so-subtle difference is that the process was created to pass spending bills, NOT whole new laws.  The Democrats are not attempting to pass a budget or tax bill.  They are trying to fundamentally alter the American health care system and in effect, the economy.  I know my opinion may mean nothing to you, however, it is a fact that in nearly every instance in-which Budgetary Reconciliation has been employed it was to pass a budgetary or tax bill.  Where it has been employed otherwise it was an abuse of power – regardless of whether it was Democrats or Republicans who did it.

When Budget Reconciliation was used

So how has Budgetary Reconciliation been used in the past?  Let’s look at the historical uses of Budgetary Reconciliation and which party used it.

(Source: NYT, “S”=Senate “H”=House, Controlling parties only updated when there was a change.)
  • 1981 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act     (S-R    H-D)
  • 1982 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
  • 1982 Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act
  • 1985 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
  • 1986 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
  • 1987 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act     (S-D    H-D)
  • 1990 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
  • 1993 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
  • 1996 Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Act   (S-R    H-R)
  • 1997 Balanced Budget Act     (S-D    H-D)
  • 2001 Economic Growth & Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (S-D   H-R)
  • 2003 Jobs & Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act  (S-R    H-R)
  • 2005 Deficit Reduction Act
  • 2005 Tax Increase Prevention & Reconciliation Act
  • 2007 College Cost Reduction & Access Act  (S-D    H-D)

So we can see that in 30 years this procedure has been used 15 times.  In all but two (2) uses it was used properly to pass budget or tax acts.  Only twice has it been employed to pass non-budget items, in 1996 when Republicans pushed through welfare reform and in 2007 when Democrats rammed through a student aid program.  If you will open the NYT graphic linked above, you can see reconciliation wasn’t even needed in most of these cases.  In eight of the 15 cases the bills were passed with clear super-majorities.

American History: Protecting the Minority

Why should Congress even waste time with super-majority votes?  Shouldn’t a simple majority be all we ever need?  I mean, we elect Presidents and every other official with simple majorities, right?  However, the founding fathers set the government up to protect minorities. What? You’re surprised?  It’s likely you are, as liberals have polluted our understanding of American history, portraying our ancestors as murderous bigots.

True the founding fathers, for the most part, didn’t have Africans or Native Americans in mind, but they did protect minorities.  The House of Representatives directly represents the population and in theory it should reflect the will of the people.  However, the Senate does not reflect population, as every state no matter it’s size, has exactly two votes.

They established the House  as the LOWER body of Congress, not the upper body.  The minority was empowered to stop bills through the process of filibuster and it requires a super-majority of 2/3 to prevent or stop it.  You see they wanted to provide a process whereby the minority can stop legislation that may be harmful or disadvantageous to them.

In 1974, Democrats in Congress, established Reconciliation as a method to pass spending bills.  Effectively undermining the minority.  I find the entire procedure to be counter to the intentions of the founding fathers.  (A note to the gotcha-crowd, a super-majority is not required to pass legislation – only to prevent or stop a filibuster.)  What they are attempting now is what Democrats have become very comfortable doing, crushing opposition by prohibiting the opposition from speaking.

Closing Observations

It is worth noting that my family has been touched by cancer as well.  I understand the high price of health care and the current problems with insurance.  I am currently trapped and unable to voluntarily change jobs as my wife’s history of cancer make her a high risk.  I know the cost of cancer.  I was lucky, my “Cadillac” health insurance covered the vast majority of our costs.  I am sensitive to the plight of Natoma Canfield.  I listened to her tell her own story on CNN (BTW, who else thinks CNN could be on the Obama payroll?) Natoma’s story underlines the need to do something but does that mean doing something stupid, reckless, or dangerous to national solvency?

Perhaps the most amazing statement made supporting the use of Reconciliation to pass this health care bill came from the President just moments ago (as I was writing.)  The President emotionally and forcefully said, “They don’t want us readin’ polls.  …  they want us to show courage and act now.”  Wow, if you are a thinking person what would you think this meant?  Is the President saying the majority of Americans want this bill passed without regard to polling data?  What would that mean and why would the majority care since, if indeed the majority wanted this bill passed, then the polling data would simply back that fact up.  Ah, but the polling data shows – even in the MSM – that the majority don’t want this bill.  Rather, I believe what the President is actually saying is, damn the majority, I want this bill passed because some Americans including and especially me want it passed. This is signature rhetoric from a radical ideologue.

Martha Coakley beat by “Astroturf”

When the voters made their objections to nationalized health care loud and clear last August, arrogant Democrats ignored them or worse insulted their constituents.  That reprehensibile Barney Frank even asked one of his own voters what planet she was from, simple because she was opposed to his power grap.

I’ll never forget when the wicked witch of the west, (aka Pelosi), sneered and called the tea party protests, “Astroturf.”  Well, Frank, Pelosi, and Mr. President, sit up and take notice, the “astroturf” just kicked your asses.  Tonight, Martha Coakley (D) was defeated by a Republican in the most liberal state in the Union, barring possibly California and New York.  Why, perhaps Carvile will say, “it’s the economy, stupid,” but I think it’s health care.

I have not been this elated in years.

Time’s Almost Up

I usually don’t post party talking points or reprint the writings of partisans, but I came into possession of the following letter from Representative Tom Price (R-GA).  What gives Congressman Price so much more credibility is the fact that he is a doctor.  Not a lawyer!

Democrats have put a stranglehold on Republicans suppressing any input. Even as Obama was assuring us he would consider Republican proposals he was refusing to meet or discuss ideas with Republicans.  I have a strong message for Democrats and Nancy Pelosi in particular, payback’s a bitch.

And now Representative Price’s letter.

Dear Friend,

Despite the hard work of Republicans to pass health care reform that increases accessibility to quality care and lowers costs, Democrats continue down the path toward a government-run public option. Speaker Pelosi has stifled all opposition to her plans, and reports from Washington indicate that they have 210 votes for the proposal. That means they are only eight votes away from passing a bill that will end personal, private insurance and eventually put a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor.

We must stand up and let our voices be heard so we can stop this devastating legislation. Elected leaders in Washington are there to serve you, and Americans are crying out for health care reform that expands choices and improves coverage – not the one size fits all approach being jammed through by Democrats in Washington!

If you haven’t already, take this opportunity to visit Voice for Freedom to sign the petition to Speaker Pelosi to stop her government takeover of health care. And please make a donation to help the GOP take back control of the House of Representatives and ensure that there are patient-centered solutions to health care reform.

Yours truly.

Congressman Tom Price, M.D.

This is not to be considered an endorsement of the Republican party or Tom Price. This is reprinted to help communicate the urgency of getting our voices heard.
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