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So much time, so little honesty

So much to say

I have a few different points to make in this essay. I’d love you to read them all but I’ll list them here and you can decide. If you’re left-leaning I encourage you to at least scroll to the “The spending issue.”

  1. History shows a lot can change in 15 months – don’t count Obama out yet.
  2. Facts are stubborn things.
  3. The best defense is a good offense.
  4. The spending issue or why my boss and banker are terrorists.

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Obama wants high gas prices


That’s right you read it right.  Following hurricane Katrina gasoline prices shot up to $5 a gallon here in Atlanta and near $4 around the country.  Left-wing nutjobs and Democrats of all flavors screamed accusations that GW Bush was in bed with “big oil.”

I heard my left-leaning friends complaining that Bush wanted the high prices to force more off-shore drilling here and thus line the greedy pockets of his Texas oil-friends.  Who didn’t believe the invasion of Iraq was all about seizing the oil?


When Bush was president it was all a conspiracy.  Later when Americans were demanding more domestic drilling, Nancy “Dingbat” Pelosi shut the lights off in the House of Representatives so Republicans could not debate solutions to the problem of high gasoline prices.

Today gasoline prices are back to Katrina levels and it is the Democrats running things.  Where are the conspiracy nuts?  Where are the accusations?  Strangely silent.  Google Bush and Oil and see the venom that pops up, do the same for Obama and virtually nothing returns.  Obama claims he has nothing to do with the high prices, it’s a big oil conspiracy or perhaps speculators.  Anyone but him.  (I know that’s his MO.)

Somehow, though, his predecessor was at fault in 2005 but today the Presidency has no influence on oil prices. To that I say BS. Continue reading

The Debt Bomb

Aug. 2008, Obama accepts his party's nomination

When Barack Obama gave his 2008 Democratic nomination acceptance speech surrounded in a Greek Temple motif, no one could have seen the prophetic imagery these props provided, America imitating Greece.

Even as Obama was playing Adonis before a swooning American electorate and tingly media pundits, the government and the people of Greece were in final preparation for economic implosion.

Climbing Mount Olympus (Background info)

Greece was borrowing money faster than it could repay.  It had socialized everything.  It’s unions dominated its government and its industry pushing the cost of labor to ridiculous.  Greek fiscal trickery that maintained low-interest rates was becoming increasingly difficult to preserve.  Greeks had become entitled and their government was about to discover the true meaning of the word unsustainable.

Back in America, no sooner did Barack Obama take the oath of office, than he put the financial accelerator of the US Treasury to the floor.   Continue reading

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