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Refudiating Palin

Sarah Palin is the most feared woman in Liberal AmericaThis past weekend Sarah Palin was once again the target of haters.  Palin stepped into it when she confused the words refute and repudiate and accidentally created the word “refudiate”.  Liberal bloggers made asses of themselves by jumping all over the gaffe as though she had just declared there were 58 states or something. Continue reading

Sarah Palin Demonized while Obama Walks on Water


How the Moonbats on the left view Sarah Palin

What could be more nuttier and dumber than liberals voting for Obama? For the left, that would be the right voting Palin for President of the United States. Yet, the left cannot begin to quantify the reasons why. All they know is something is wrong with it, while Obama and his definitive and destructive policies get a pass.



It’s time to end the Palin bashing

The Dems have no moral ground to continue their Palin-bashing

Once upon a time, we learned that President Clinton, on the phone to a congressman and talking about the merits of sending U.S. ground troops into Bosnia (without a U.N. coalition or act of Congress) was being orally gratified by a woman young enough to be his daughter.

His lovely wife, Hillary, cried foul, clinging to some theory about a “vast, right-wing conspiracy” which was behind it all. In spite of the evidence, in her eyes Bill was innocent.

As history shows, President Clinton was later impeached as a consequence of lying while under oath.

All along the way, the Democrats and the DNC continued supporting President Clinton in the face of the damning evidence.

With so much fodder to drool over,  it would appear the nation – or at least the Republicans – should still be bashing Bill over his behavior and Hillary’s conspiracy theories – even after all these years.

Yet as time passed the incident, the stained dress and the vast right wing conspiracy has faded into the background. The nation has decided to move on to other important matters.

Diverting attention

You would think that since the 2008 campaigns are over the Dems would have pulled their dogs off of Sarah Palin.  Apparently they believe they have some kind of moral bone to chew on.

However, in reality, the Dems lost the moral legs to stand on a long time ago.

Today, Ms. Bill Clinton is Secretary of State and what a fine job she is doing.  We have political hack jobs like Nancy Pelosi  who is allowed to run among civilians without a leash. Then there is Barney Frank and Chris Dodd who supported policies which brought us the GSE meltdown (Fannie-Freddie) and are culpable of pulling off the crime of the century.

So while America has to deal with Pelosi, Frank and Dodd, who together are driving this country on the short and dead end road to ruin, the only thing the critics who have aligned themselves with the DNC can think about is who?  Sarah Palin?

What a stinking pile of hypocrisy.

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