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Imam assumes most Americans are blithering idiots

Yesterday Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf spoke to CBS’s geriatric news magazine, 60 Minutes and elaborated on his threat that not building his 9/11 Victory mosque was more dangerous than building it.  I know calling it a “victory mosque” is offensive to those of you trying so hard to pacify radical muslims in the vain hope that doing so will keep them from attacking you. Call it a community center if you like, that will not change what it is.

The fact is whenever you listen to someone with an agenda speak, you need to listen between the lines and consider those remarks in the context of previous comments, known positions and affiliations.  Recently some of Imam Rauf’s off-the-record comments were uncovered that illuminate Rauf and his over-arching agenda.  But first let’s cover the recent remarks. Continue reading

Burning Books While Nero Fiddles: Nine Years After 9/11

Nine years ago this banner overlooked the smoking crater of what had been the proud location of World Trade Centers 1 & 2.  The images of that day are forever seared into my memory.  But I appear to be in a dwindling minority, everyone, especially in the press, seems to have forgotten.  When I look around today I hear the shrill voices of apologists claiming the attacks of 9/11 weren’t really so bad, Muslims have a right to build a mosque in debris field of the WTC, evil Christians burning Korans, terrified generals begging them not to, and somewhere in the background the Ground Zero Mosque Imam is threatening violence if the Mosque location is forced to move.  What do all these things have in common?  Fear of Islam and a continued exhibition of Stockholm Syndrome.

Did America Overreact to 9/11?

Fareed Zakaria was lambasted in many conservative blogs for his Newsweek piece in which he declared Continue reading

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